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We handle set up, run payroll, keep you in compliance, and integrate benefits for your employees.

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Talent Acquisition

Throughout our detail-oriented assessments, we help our clients to spot where they need new people. Together, we can get the right talent into those roles through internal moves or external hires.

JC Financials works closely with your Hiring Managers to recruit talent that align with your needs. During our initial search, we ensure that the candidates we present, are met with an exceptional background who are the right fit.

We assist with developing and evaluating qualification criteria to identify and create candidate profiles for vacancies, creating market-focused job postings, standardized interview questions. We manage full-cycle recruitment process, which includes screening/sourcing, pre-interviewing, and conducting reference checks. Researching, recommending, and implementing candidate sourcing strategies and contributing to the evaluation and continuous improvement of recruitment practices and policies, and identifying industry best practices.

How it works?

Managed Payroll

Our team will provide you with payroll efficiently, accurately, and on-time every pay day. In addition to managing payroll, we also handle remittances to all third parties.

HR Services & Consulting

Our team provide a fullrange of HR Services, consultation and training. We assist with recruiting from a wide range of talent pool.

Payroll Onboarding

Our team help to save the stress of the onboarding experience when it comes to changing payroll software. We provide a extensive search to make us the fit is right.

Payroll & HR FAQ?

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

The most common length of a pay period maximum is semi-monthly, or twice a month. This typically occurs on the 15th and the 30th of the month. While it is not required for employers to pay their employees on this schedule, many adopt semi-monthly pay periods.

Paycheck date, also known as pay day, is the date on which employees are paid and checks are distributed. The paycheck date is used to determine when payroll liabilities are due, based on deposit schedules.

Three methods employers use to compensate employees include salary, hourly wage and commission.

The 15th of every month

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